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Being a writer has its perks, especially the sense of pride that swells inside when I see someone reading a book of mine. Below are a few of my most recently published books for you to browse. Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you and help out.


14 Needles: An Unsettling Collection

Don't miss out on this hair-raising collection of short stories!
Based on 14 tattoos, these tales will take you on a disturbing journey inspired by each piece of art. You will travel to a military encampment in Afghanistan, through a trinket shop in California and into the secret, gruesome war being waged in the back alleys of civilization. Each tale strikes a different tone, from the horrific to the thrilling. Featuring stories such as:

  • Old Town San Diego Souls

  • Star Light, Star Bright

  • The Taxing of the Heart

  • Full Chamber

  • And many more...

Take a trip through the unsettling imagination of Aaron Deck in his first horror collection.


The Taxing of the Heart

A young writer finds his muse, but before he can complete his opus, she leaves him abruptly. Now he will do anything to get her back, anything to finish his life’s work. Anything. Doing so may save his legacy, but at what cost?

This short horror story by Aaron Deck originally appeared in 14 Needles: An Unsettling Collection.